Sunday, November 18, 2012

A trip down memory lane: From Mosaic to Chrome

Having been online since the late 80's Browsers have been like the soundtrack to my career from the early days of Gopher, Veronica & Archie to the arrival of Marc Andreessen's ground breaking Mosaic they've been a constant feature in my life. 
Here is a terrific little youtube documentary on the birth of the Netscape and the Web Browser and its untimely death after Microsoft decided it was time to take control of the market and launch Internet Explorer.

An interesting cameo and link between Netscape & Chrome is Eric Schmidt; who in 1998 as CEO of Novell integrated  Novonyx the Novell/Netscape joint venture into the main Novell business.  Schmidt shocked the industry in 2001 by jumping ship to join startup Google.  The rest is history, or is it?

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