Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Managed Hosted Service in USA

More Visualisation trials: This shows the distribution of sales of a Managed Hosted Service by six service providers. In the drop down you will see companies 1-6 and a Control. Control is the distribution of businesses in the Continental USA.

The sample data are 552,000 US Organisations, excluding Micro-Business. Use the zoom facility it is very cool, hopefully we will get it down to City level on this sort of public interface; In our client systems we are there already and can map down to street/building level.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Visualisations role in data presentation

We are more and more experimenting with visualisation tool kits to find ways of representing the huge data sets we are working with.

Here is a small data set of 203, presented with Many Eyes; part of the IBM visualisation project. It represents a raw count of the IP services consumed in 5 major London office blocks including Tower 42 in Old Broad Street and CityPoint 1 Ropemaker Place.

This was part of a project we undertook earlier in the Year for a company on that list who wanted to take some business off of their competitors.