Wednesday, October 22, 2008

THUS it came to pass, that CW finally squared up to BT...

For a couple of years we've felt Cable & Wireless has been heading in 'sort of' the right direction; focusing on profitable customers, core product lines, win-able business, etc. along with some pretty radical structural and staffing changes.

However, patience seemed to be wearing a bit thin after a business update for City analysts back in March this year, comments were made along the lines of "... this is all good stuff; but on this business plan, we don;t think you can turn it around fast enough!" Here's the presentation, and what you won't see in there, is any reference to plans to grow the customer base in SMB, mid-market, business broadband, or increased infrastructure investment in the UK.

I guess the city feedback must have focused minds on shorter term revenue generation. For just 6 weeks later, in a stunning volte-face CW announced plans to acquire THUS Telecom; possibly the most successful mid-market ISP in the country, Bringing with it customers in each of those categories, as well as £450m in new revenues, some tasty data centres, a mass of IP services expertise and a country wide NextGen IP network.

The change in the market place is profound. BackChannels own research data shows that over the last two years the "re-Energised" C&W has turned the corner; increasingly good at serving the larger corporate market, with significant project wins and a marked decrease in customer churn, they are starting to give Verizon and Sprint a run for their money. In the UK market the merged company forms the only broad-spectrum competitor to BT.

The ability of C&Ws management to listen to its shareholders and then to turn the whole company on a dime, must be keeping a few people awake over at BT Centre.

Hmm... Wonder what they'll do with Demons broadband customers :0)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bill Throttled

The Campaign to stop an amendment to the European Telecoms Bill appears to have been successful, although the European parliament has left the door open for President Sarkozy come back with a modified proposal.

Those of you who've have been following this will be aware that the Hollywood funded Digital Rights (Anti-Piracy) lobby has been pushing for ISPs in the EU to be made responsible for infringing EU Citizens civil rights i.e. freedom of speech, association and communications by cutting them off from the Internet permanently if they believe (don;t have to prove) that they or a member of their family has downloaded copyrighted material from the web.

The first self regulated attempts have been a fiasco with errors in billing records leaving ISPs open to legal action, and we've seen ambulance chasing companies tracking down suspected miscreants and selling their details to the DR folks - what ISPs legal team is going to stand for that?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Things you might find in an O2 Shop

In response to my ravings, so common of a new iPhone owner, a friend sent me this today.

The Chrysler Peapod.
Is it the ultimate iPhone accessory? Will we be seeing it in the O2 shop in Cambridge any time soon? I hope not, it's pug ugly.

Integrating a mobile 3G device directly into the vehicles onboard systems, is going to add a whole new dimension and opportunity in mobile content. You thought SatNav was big... mix it with location based services and maybe even guide books.

Thanks to our friends at The Register for the original post.