Thursday, June 16, 2011

Orange Huawei so good you pay for it twice!

Sorry for the lack of recent posts but we're up to our ears in the latest development project - A complete profile of the Fortune Global 500.  We are busy profiling the telecoms & IP services used by the 325,000 companies, subsidiary companies and regional offices that make up the index.

But I couldn;t let this one pass.

Well here is a great story on TelecomTV.  Huawei and Orange are offering a Signal Booster service on all the new Huawei Android phones that switches the cellular traffic out via your wifi, so if you have no phone signal in the house you can still use your mobile... Genius you cry!!

Except it's not - you have to pay for the call, at your normal network rate even though you are using your own broadband connection saving Orange a packet (sic).

I use Skype, a lot, and when I am in the house I route my DDI calls to the Skype on my iPhone and I make international calls outbound same way.

Give it a go it works a treat

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