Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hosted email security: The 2011 market report - Now in it's 5th year

Your opportunity to find out who's using these services, who's winning market share and who's falling behind.

Now in it's 5th year BackChannel's flagship survey has been expanded again to cover the use of hosted email hygiene services amongst a million organisations & businesses in 17 key countries.

The reports covers 40+ service providers including all your favourites; Messagelabs, Microsoft, Google/Postini, Webroot and many localised service providers you may not have heard.

It's been an interesting and turbulent year find out who's up, who's down and whether those $100s of millions spent on acquisitions in this sector are paying off.

A must read for executives, investors and any business involved in the delivery or purchase of email security products and services.

Interested in sourcing a copy then drop me a mail and either me or one of the BackChannel team will get back to you.

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