Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Power of the Pipes

The folks at E&Y have delivered a very good report "The Power of the Pipe" which tells the wider world what we in the industry have known for years - i.e. the companies that own the infrastructure are better long term value than networkless AltNet operators. The UK operation of C&W got a lot of pipes when they brought THUS...

Anyway, pop over to Telecom TV and watch Power of the Pipes Video

The report can be ordered via: GlobalTelecommunicationsCenter@uk.ey.com

In the USA and other countries where the incumbent PTTs have been able to cling to power they will be able to leverage their infrastructure to deliver intelligent value added applications. In the UK pressure from the regulators is likely to handycap BT. This is because after pressure from OFCOM BT Group has spun out ownership of the infrastructure to BT Openreach, BTs services businesses now have to buy dumb pipes at the same price as their AltNet competitors, which might be good for competition but is yet another kick in the teeth for BTs services businesses.

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