Friday, February 06, 2009

An iPhone Accessory that won;t sell anywhere it snows

I was pleased to see another clean tech (or electric) vehicle manufacturer loving the iPhone it's there in the interior shots just like the Chrysler Peapod. The oddly cute Aptera 2e looks like a Cessna with the wings lopped off and is due to ship later this year, .Maybe, if I lived in Silicon valley I might buy one; except of course the roads there are jammed with big cars and giant trucks, and drivers on PCP.

Back in the 80's I got a lift to work in an ancient Morgan 3 wheeler which spent the entire trip going sideways. with the rear wheel hopping from rut to rut at random intervals.Morgan; No iPhone adaptor, No Wimax, Not great in the Snow... but likely to be around longer than the 2e.

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