Friday, December 19, 2008

Phorm Management leave sinking ship

Debate continues to rage about spyware vendor Phorm.

This week sees there management team run for the door with their hair on fire... Phorms indominatable CEO Hugo Drayton and CFO Lynne Millar both resigned this week, saying that it had all been very rewarding - I hope they meant in terms of pay, because I doubt it's done their careers any good.

Just last week Hugo Drayton recently put up this spirited defence of Phorm and it's business model. While talking to the folks at TelecomTV

It's about time for BT, Virgin, EasyNet et al, to follow Hugo and Lynne over the side of the boat; So folks, if you're listening, . Stop it now! It poisons everyone who goes near it. It's a PR disaster, even the people who work their know it

Also, stop trying to steal each others marketshares by cutting the prices it just leads to churn which is incredibly expensive let the little guys have the small price sensitive customers like my mum who uses it to shop at Tesco online and email recipes to her friends in the WI, and get back to selling people a good product that homeworkers, businesses and people who want streaming media; they will be prepared to pay a fair monthly fee.

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