Friday, May 30, 2008

Rely on Emerging Markets Players...

... to make Telco world interesting again.

So Vanco is to be acquired by Reliance Globalcom the highly successful telecommunications and services company based out of Mumbai, India.

Reliance is a conglomeration of three companies: Flag Telecom, Yipes Communications, and the original Reliance Communications.

The VANCO acquisition establishes credible base of customers for Reliance in Europe. Flag provides a global network of undersea optical cabling; Yipes, managed carrier Ethernet services (including VPLS) and Reliance's experience of building its India-wide network of wireless and wired services, including large scale MPLS deployments, sets it in good sted for an assault on the European markets.

Reliance joins TATA Communications amongst the Indian Companies who are taking the experience of building infrastructure and supporting western service providers, and who are now determined to play on the world stage.

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