Thursday, March 06, 2008

Julius Baer backs down over Wikileaks

A good day for free speech as Bank Julius Baer (BJB) decides not to pursue further action against the whistle blower site Wikileaks. If you recall they won an injunction in February to close the site down, that caused a mixture of concern about restrictions to freedom of speech and high entertainment over the inept methods of both Bank Julius Baer and the California courts to get the information off of the web.

But we shouldn't be too pleased, the law found in BJB's favour. BJB, has decided not to proceed because of the negative publicity the exclusive Swiss financial management company has received from the story. It has been posted on thousands of blogs and news feeds around the world, reaching in turn 100's of thousands of people who had never heard of either party - a sort disastrous viral anti-marketing!

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