Thursday, April 12, 2007

There is a lot more to PIPEX than "The Hoff"

PIPEX the 'Consumer DSL company" are in fact the UK's 8th largest provider of IP Services to Business.

BackChannels analysis of PIPEXs customer base shows that they perform well in the midmarket and have quite a number of major corporate' on their books as well. Where will those high value business customers go when Carphone warehouse buys them?

Bet they're all looking forward to calling Carphone Warehouses 0870 hotline for tech support .

Will it even be Carphone warehouse? You have to wonder, with the others appearing to have pulled out it just leaves Carphone but don't be surprised if BSkyB comes back for another go, when Carphone have forced the price down a bit of course.

BSkyB has a natural home for all the business services as well - EasyNet. They have proven to every ones surprise that you can be both 'fish and fowl'. Using the highly efficient Sky billing systems to handle the consumer end of the business whilst allowing EasyNet to continue running as a highly successful Business ISP.

BSkyB and BT are the only ones who would get the full benefit of the money they might spend.

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